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    What is Forex?
    Forex, abbreviated as FX, is a word that describes the simultaneous selling or buying of currencies; it is an OTC (Over the Counter) Market transaction which operates 24 hours a day, 5days a week. Forex Markets are the largest financial markets possessing a trading volume of about $3 trillion per day. Forex trading operations take place in all the major financial trading centers all over the world; thus, these trading operations tend to overlap into the different time zones globally.
    The Forex market, also known as the foreign exchange market, allows you to make trades with traders around the world twenty-four hours a day and five days a week. Forex trading is making the trades on the Forex market, whether you are doing it yourself or using a broker or computer program to do it for you, and it often takes less than a minute to make a trade.

    Where Forex Trading Takes Place
    In the past, Forex trading was exclusively conducted by hedge funds, central banks, multinational currency companies, and major banks however; this has changed in recent times due the latest surge in internet development and market innovations allowing even the small time trader the opportunity to participate in the Forex market. Forex broker companies offer a variety of accounts to their clients enabling retail traders the chance to trade in relatively smaller lots.

    Forex Trading Terms
    There are many different phrases and terms that affect your performance while Forex trading, such as the following:
    The type of currency that you are trading with is important, although the Forex market will typically do any necessary exchanges for you. Pay close attention to the currency when you prepare for decisions though, so that you can do your own calculations. The currencies offered for Forex trading typically include British pounds sterling, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, and the American dollar.
    Forex Robots
    A Forex robot is just what it sounds like, a computer program that does the research and makes the trade on your behalf. This takes the guesswork about what stocks will rise and fall and which offer more value at a given time. It also eliminates the need to get involved in an emotional situation that could cost you thousands—or more—if the deal starts going sour.
    Forex Signals
    Signals are how you make your Forex trades, and there are a few ways to accomplish this. You can use your e-mail account, Twitter, a specific website, make a phone call, or get in touch with someone with more experience to find out when the best time is to buy and sell for a particular trading commodity or currency. Some traders pay for signals, others use free services, and still others use a Forex robot.
    Forex Charts
    Most traders use a variety of charts to make great financial decisions, including candlestick charts, bar charts, line charts, and others depending on where you live and what information you use in order to trade. Different charts are designed to utilize different information, such as rising and falling trends, historical highs and lows, future predictions, and similar statistics and values.

    A Couple of Tips for Beginners
    There are a lot of people trading currencies and if you also want to become one of those traders you need to start with research. Find out about Forex market and how it works.
    # Educate Yourself
    At first, you need to understand whether trading is your cup of tea. To understand this, you need to find a good Forex trading course.
    Choose a course that have a money back guarantee. You will be able to return your money, if you think the method of teaching do no live up to your expectations. Focus on proven and reputable course by professional. Such learning is very efficient and will be able to make Forex your second source of income.
    # Follow a Good Strategy and Trade with a Good broker
    In order to trade you need a good strategy and broker. Choosing your online Forex market broker try to choose the most well-known one. You need a reliable and trustworthy company. You can check whether there are any complains filed against your forex platform.
    When you are beginner start trading with a small investment capital. More skilled and professional traders can increase their investments.
    # Use Demo Account
    It is vital to find out in advance whether your broker offers both demo and real account. Trading with virtual money is highly recommended because this allows you to learn the market and test your trading strategy. Starting with a real account you risk your money considerably.
    # Select your broker Wisely
    If you are serious about trading currencies start with proper research and training, choose your broker wisely. Don’t be in a hurry and learn how to trade professionally. This will increase your chances to become a successful trader. Forex is a very specific market and you need to have a great desire and skills to progress successfully.

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