FCA’s Regulatory Decisions Committee Adds Two Senior Members

Photo: Bloomberg, An image of the headquarters of the UK FCA

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the country’s paramount regulatory authority, has announced its latest senior appointment, adding Karen Johnston and Nick Lord to its Regulatory Decisions Committee (RDC), per a regulatory filing.

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The FCA’s RDC is responsible a multitude of oversight actions and decision-making, namely on behalf of the FCA with regards to enforcement and supervisory actions, and firm authorization, as well as individual approval applications. The group’s diverse membership is comprised of all matters of individuals, each boasting business, consumer and industry experience.

The addition of Ms. Johnston and Mr. Lord reflect the RDC’s latest members, who join Stuart McIntosh, Philip Marsden, Robin Mason, and Malcolm Nicholson as last year’s appointees. According to Tim Parkes, the Chair of the RDC, in a statement on the appointments, “I am delighted to welcome our newest members to the committee. Karen and Nick bring a wealth of consumer-focused knowledge and experience in the consumer credit and other sectors, which will complement existing committee members.”

“Stuart, Philip, Robin and Malcolm joined the RDC during 2016. All four are members of other FCA and PSR decision-making committees and contribute a wide range of legal and academic expertise, as well as experience of collective decision-making, which will enhance overall the capability and effectiveness of the RDC,” he added.

Ms. Johnston and Mr. Lord are the first additions to any FCA group this month, following the appointment of Nick Stace to its board for a period of three years in April.

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